Rooted in the richness of direct experience, each session is uniquely and spontaneously crafted to encourage your awakening.

You likely opened this page because you want to be free from the suffering mind. This yearning for freedom is true grace. It is a prompt from the One Who is Unconditionally Free giving you a glimpse of the Eternal Self within.

Most beings suffer from an amnesia supported by social norms – spiritual amnesia. In other words, we have been told, shown, treated, and conditioned as if we are objects (the body, the mind-feelings, the name, the role, the job) when we are Presence ItSelf.

What does this have to do with mental health? Everything.

If you focus on symptoms and stories rather than your inherent wholeness, you begin the habit of identifying with the everchanging and ever-maddening mind and feelings. When the identification shifts from the changing to the unchanging, stability (That Which Cannot Be Moved), it increasing becomes the Reality of experience in life. This is the shift we will make together as you become more familiar with Spiritual Solutions for Mental Health. In fact, you will come to recognize that the principles are actually more than teachings in the intellectual sense. They are pointings to the Truth of Who You Are.

You will learn how to acknowledge stressful experiences yet not identify with them. You will go beyond mindfulness, beyond the witness-observer. You will learn to notice and re-identify with your Infinite Self… the part of you that isn’t in the habit of being anxious, worried, stressed, or depressed.

This is not “learning” in the traditional sense. This is an un-learning experience where you discover your own truth, allow strengths to unfold, and compassionately change how you relate to the ebb and flow of daily life and, especially, how you experience yourself.

When it comes down to the nitty gritty of what it really means to have mental health, it is not about the attitude of putting your nose to the grindstone or creating thicker skin. Although it does take some resolve, resilience is more about finding peace of mind in all circumstances than it is about force. Its truth lies in the application of compassionate awareness toward your deepest vulnerabilities and destructive habits, and goes beyond awareness.

It is about getting quiet enough to realize that even compassionate awareness is also perceived. Identifying with the Eternal Presence Within That Perceives Everything is how you will finally experience peace.

This is the aim of all my pointings.

Ultimately, it is personal evidence from your own experience that offers opportunities to become more aware of what works specifically for you. It is a guided exploration for you to take what you need and leave the rest.

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