Are you an advanced Marriage and Family Therapist Intern seeking high-quality, compassionate, and supportive supervision on your journey to become a licensed psychotherapist?

I offer supervision to post-Masters women who are advanced interns on the MFT licensure track. If you are interested in informing your clinical work with the best practices of psychology, spirituality, and neuroscience, this internship is for you!

As a pre-professional, you are supported to remain in the private practice internship throughout licensure so you can take your patients with you. This ensures a patient-centered approach and provides an easier transition as you expand into the growing edge of starting your own private practice. Interns are considered my employees and have an opportunity to make a monthly income.

In this internship, you are guided in the various aspects of your goals, including:

~ forming your professional identity and brand

~ polishing your clinical skills

~ expanding your knowledge base

~ studying and passing your licensure exams

While interns are expected to be self-motivated and work independently, I offer compassionate, nonjudgmental, and solid support while you navigate the vulnerable, yet powerful time of shaping your identity as a psychotherapist in private practice.

In addition to forming your identity as a clinician, you will also learn the practical components of branding and marketing. If you are seeking opportunities for presentations, starting groups, or hosting salons, I will support you in these efforts as well.

I am currently accepting applications for the internship and do so on a rolling basis. All interns must have a minimum of 2000 hours at the time of application, with their child and family hours completed.

Pre-professionals who are interested in Women’s Psychotherapy with individual women using psychospiritual approaches are highly encouraged to apply.

If you are interested in this unique opportunity, please send me an email telling me about yourself so we can set up a time to connect and discuss:

I look forward to meeting you!