SUNDAY, April 1st from 10am-5:30pm

Berkeley, CA

An excellent compliment to trauma recovery and relationship difficulties, Berkeley Women’s Self-Compassion Daylong is a group for those who want to create a more compassionate environment internally and interpersonally. Groups will include principles and practices from psychology and spirituality that are based on the neuroscience of well-being.

Come join us in creating a community of compassionate women.

Let’s thrive together in our FREEDOM from negativity!

Daylong Registration Fee before March 1st: $108  Please pay through Paypal:  paypal.me/TamaraThebert/108

LATE BIRD (after March 1st): $130 Please pay through Paypal: paypal.me/TamaraThebert/130

Participants will learn:

  • three components of self-compassion
  • three ways to initiate self-compassion
  • the connection between self-compassion and mindfulness
  • neuroscience of emotional dysregulation and negativity bias
  • how to rewire your brain to entrain calm and positives states
  • formal and informal evidence-based practices to integrate mindfulness and self-compassion into your daily life

Modern scientific insights for the group are based on the work of Kristen Neff, Tara Brach, Janina Fisher, Daniel Siegel, Rick Hansen, and more.

Inner Science principles are based on the ancient wisdom traditions of Buddhism and Hinduism, including the contemporary applications of Mindfulness and Nondual Wisdom.

SPACE is LIMITED so reserve your space ASAP.

If you still have questions, email tamara@psychospiritualcounseling.net or call 510-995-6499.

Women’s Self-Compassion Daylong is part of a Series sponsored by the Inner Science Academy: