Tamara Thebert

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Tamara Thebert, MFT specializes in helping women recognize & amplify inner resources to recover from trauma, anxiety, depression, and distress while attending to the important relationships in their lives. Drawing on the wisdom of neuroscience and best practices from psychotherapy and spiritual counseling, her integrative approach aims to reduce suffering and increase resilience. She is dedicated to teaching spiritual principles and practices specifically tailored to improve mental and emotional health. Tamara is also the CEO and co-founder of Inner Science Institute (InSci), training mental health professionals who value progressive social change and the expansive consciousness that comes from learning to work from the inside out. An integrative institute informed by the inner sciences of psychology and spirituality, InSci offers transdisciplinary education and training to those interested in personal transformation, social change, and spiritual awakening. For more information about InSci, go to www.innerscience.net.